In Time of Flood - James Crowden


‘In Time of Flood’ is a journey in words and photographs down the river Parrett, from source to mouth. This is the heart of the Somerset Wetlands, the Levels and Moors which become inundated each winter and provide a unique habitat for man and wildfowl alike. The poetry of James Crowden is very accessible and covers such diverse topics as elvers, eel smoking, nuclear power stations, withies, cider distilling and explosives factories. The book also covers the history of the river from Celtic times to the present day. Irrevocably bound into this are the extraordinary black and white photographs of George Wright, whose eye and camera have caught some of the quirkier aspects of the area, the oddness and unpredictability that is part and parcel of living in Somerset.

Poetry by James Crowden and Photography by George Wright.

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